Welcome to GameOfPWNZ.com
You’re probably interested mostly in the blog.  If so, go HERE.
GameOfPWNZ is a play on words for Game Of Thrones. PWNing is a category in Security competitions. This website started off as a resource holder for myself, but it has expanded to become my blog and resource holder for many others. My goal is promote security awareness, provide educational tools in the field of security and to educate.

What you can expect on this site:

Journal Entries About My (or my team’s) Experience
Write-Ups to Challenges in Security CTFs
Free-To-Use Scripts by myself or others
Reviews of Tools

How to contribute:

We are always open to contributions to this website. If you have a tool, script, write-up, or anything you’d like to contribute to the website, please contact me using our contact page.

This website and blog is provided for free. All the tools and resources are free. However, the domain name and hosting are not. If you’d like to donate (You don’t have to.)then feel free to donate using our donation page.

Become part of the team!

If you’re interested in becoming a regular blogger or you’d like to participate with us in security competitions, feel free to ask. Some competitions limit the amount of players per team, so we may not be able to put your on our roster then, but on others we may. I do have a Discord server that you can ask for access. This will allow us to have chat and voice communications.